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For the imager who doesn't need the robotic capability of the Flip-Flat, the Flat-Man is now available. The Flat-Man uses the same technology as the Flip-Flat, but is manually placed on the OTA for flat field imaging. The only power you need is a USB cable, and our Windows software will light and control the brightness of the Flat-Man. Simply rotate your telescope until the dewshield is pointed straight up and place the Flat-Man centered on your scope.

The Flat-Man is an affordable means to achieve excellent flat fields. For dewshield OD's up to 7.625".

A simple Windows interface provides the ability to turn on the light source. The intensity of the light can be adjusted to one of 255 levels.

IMPORTANT:  Note that the  diameter of the fully illuminated lamp for each of the Flat-Man models is 6.7" or  170mm, regardless of the model purchased.  The larger model includes an additional expansion ring to block stray light.

  • Lamp Diffuser Diameter:    7.7" (195mm)
  • Lamp Illumination Diameter:    6.7"  (170mm)
  • Control Box Dimensions: 1.35" x 3.15" x 4.2"  (34 x 80 x 106mm)
  • Weight:     12 oz. (0.34 kg)
  • Power requirements:  5VDC provided by USB interface
  • Minimum OTA/dewshield OD: 4" (stock #19055)
  • Maximum OTA/dewshield OD: 8.125" (stock #19056)
  • Alnitak Software Compatiblity:  Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8.
  • Command Line Program:  AACmd.exe

  • Alnitak Flat-Man
  • USB cable

"Demystifiying Flat Fields"

Sky & Telescope has recently made Pete Kalajian's article available in PDF format.
Reprints available from Sky & Telescope:

The Alnitak Control Software can be downloaded from our downloads page and includes the AACmd command line program for use with ACP, CCD AutoPilot, Maxim D/L and other astronomy automation programs.

Visit the Alnitak Downloads page for the latest Quick Start Guide,  Alnitak Installation Manual and Software Reference Guide, and Serial Command List.