#19775 - DirectSync ACF for the Meade "Reverse-Crayford" Focusers


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Optec's new DirectSync ACF focus motor is the perfect solution for both manual and automatic focusing on Meade's new "Reverse Crawford".  Combined with Optec's FocusLynx Dual-Focuser controller system, DirectSync ACF allows imagers to quickly switch between manual dual-speed focusing or auto-focus using ASCOM tools such as FocusMax, Sequence Generator Pro, or @Focus3.

Meade's newest Advanced Coma-Free Schmidt Cassegrain Telescopes (ACF SCT) offer some of the best views and imaging opportunities to the amateur astronomer. The  DirectSync ACF is the perfect solution designed to motorize Meade's f/8 ACF telescopes with the dual-speed focuser. 

Installation of the DirectSync ACF motor is easy to accomplish and requires removing the fine and coarse focus knobs.  A replacement geared coarse focus knob is installed and easily adjusted.  Meade's fine focus knob is re-used maintaining the smooth, 7:1 dual speed focuser motion.  With DirectSync's unique clutch design, manual focus can be performed at the scope while motor engagement requires only a slight twist of the motor housing.  A more elegant solution does not exist.

This version requires the external Optec FocusLynx controller. If you would prefer the fully integrated solution consider the ThirdLynx model.

For more add on accessories including the FocusLynx Controller, Hand Controller, and WiFi see the FocusLynx Accessories.

  • Meade LX850 f/ ACF 10", 12", 14, and 16" telescopes,
  • Meade LX800 f/ ACF 10", 12", 14, and 16" telescopes,
  • Meade LX600 f/8 ACF 10", 12", 14" and 16" telescopes,
  • Any Meade OTA's with the dual-speed "Reverse Crawford" focuser.

    • Motor Housing Width: 1.9" (48mm)
    • Overall Length: 3.35" (85mm)
    • Weight: 5.2 oz (150 g)
    • Step Resolution: 1.1 micron per step
    • Stepper Motor: Bi-polar NPM 15-ohm with 1:25 gearhead
    • Connection to FocusLynx: Standard Ethernet cable (included)
    • Temperature Probe: Integrated Digital Sensor type TMP04FT9Z
    • Current Draw: Maximum draw approx. 350mA

    FocusLynx controllers are usable with Alpaca, ASCOM, X2, and INDI software.