OPTEC-3000 3-inch standard dovetail mount fits most Optec 3-inch devices including the TCF-S3, TCF-Lynx 3, and TCF-Leo 3-inch focusers.  
The OPTEC-3000 3-inch mounts "push-fit" into any 3-inch receiver including the TCF-S3, IFW-3 #17367 Rear Cover Plate, and Pyxis 3" rotator.  Similar to a 2-inch eyepiece barrel or 2-inch camera nosepiece, the OPTEC-3000 series appears as a 3-inch nosepiece for convenient, yet secure mounting.  All the OPTEC-3000 mounts have a machined dovetial to match the thumbscrews, setscrews, and other mounting hardware for all our 3-inch product line.
If your camera or accessory is not listed, do not hesitate to call.  We are constantly adding new adapters to our catalog.