#19706 - TCF-Lynx3 3-inch Temperature Compensating Focuser


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TCF-Lynx3 3-inch Temperature Compensating Focuser with FocusLynx controller.  

The TCF-Lynx continues the long tradition of the TCF-S focuser - a robust, 3-inch Crayford style focuser capable of handling 10-lb. (4.5 kg) camera packages without flexure. As a true absolute ASCOM homing focuser, the TCF-Lynx is capable of fully unattended telescope focus control with unprecedented positional accuracy.

 Clear Aperture: 3.0 inches (76.2mm)
Back Focus Usage: 3.8 to 4.8-inches (96.5 to 122mm)
Step Resolution: 2.5 micron / step
Power Consumption: 12VDC, < 1A
Payload Capacity: 22-lbs. (10kg)
Connectivity: Serial, USB, Ethernet, optional WiFi



Includes FocusLynx Dual-Focuser control hub.  Also available in -NC version without controller.