#17691 - Four Port USB-to-Serial Converter


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The  EasySync USB2-H-1004-M Four Port USB-to-Serial Converter is a conversion box that allows connection of up to four serial devices to a computer via USB. Each port can be turned off with toggle switches for easy port selection. This device includes a +5VDC power connection (cable not included) for daisy chaining, but does not require external power to operate via direct connection to a computer's USB port. Includes a 12' USB cable and a standard rack-mounting plate.

  • Overall Length 3.125" (79.4mm)
  • Overall Width: 6.25" (159mm)
  • Overall Height: 0.875" (22.2mm)
  • Weight: 12 oz (340 g)

  • Any RS232 serial port
  • All Optec serial devices including:
  • TCF-S, TCF-Si, TCF-S3, TCF-S3i
  • IFW, IFW-3
  • Pyxis, Pyxis 3"
  • Perseus 4-port selector
  • SSP-3, SSP-4, SSP-5 photometers