#17761 - IFW Mounting Ring to 2-inch Barrel mount.


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The #17761 Reverse Mounting Ring allows the IFW to be mounted in reverse orientation at whatever angle of rotation is best for the entire optical setup. When attached to the IFW with the filter wheel in the reversed orientation (motor toward telescope OTA), the #17761 presents a rigid 2-inch nosepiece for insertion into any 2-inch or larger focuser. A dovetail cut matches the TCF focuser thumbscrews for extra holding power.

  • Outside Diameter (flange): 2.7" (68.5mm)
  • Overall Height: 2.365" (60.0mm)
  • Clear Aperture: 1.8" (45.5mm)
  • Weight: 2.8 oz (80 g)
  • Back-focus Usage: 0.09" (2.3mm)
  • Telescope Side Connection: 2-inch Nosepiece
  • Camera Side Connection: OPTEC-2380 Thread (IFW Reversed)