#17800 - Universal OPTEC-3600 Dovetail Mount


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The Universal OPTEC-3600 Dovetail Mount blank is a machinable plate that can be cut, drilled, and modified to fit most any application where the male 3.6" OPTEC-3600 dovetail is required. This mount presents the male OPTEC-3600 dovetail for attachment of any device with an OPTEC-3600 receiver including the TCF-S3 focuser, IFW-3, Pyxis 3" rotator, or Perseus 4-port instrument selector.

  • Newtonian telescopes having a flat surface for mounting,
  • Any telescope with a flat mounting surface.
  • Overall Height: 0.56" (14.2mm)
  • Clear Aperture: 3.05" (77.5mm)
  • Weight: 5.2 oz (145 g)
  • Pre-drilled holes: Four #8-32 threaded holes on 4.2" dia. bolt-circle
  • Back-focus Usage: 0.2" (5.1mm)
  • Telescope Side Connection: Flat mount with 4-hole bolt pattern
  • Camera Side Connection: OPTEC-3600 male dovetail