Alnitak Flip-Flat Electroluminescent Flat Fielding Device 4" to 6" OTA




The #19050 Flip-Flat package includes the lamp controller, motor arm, OTA bracket to center the lamp over OTA dew shields measuring 4" to 6" in diameter, a pair of industrial zip straps, USB cable, and software. Fully illuminated lamp is 6.7" (170mm) in diameter.

Lamp Diffuser Diameter: 7.7" (195mm)
Lamp Illumination Diameter: 6.7" (170mm)

Control Box Dimensions:

2.25" x 3.15" x 4.2" (57 x 80 x 106mm)
Weight: 1 lb. 6 oz. (0.6 kg)
Lamp Pivot Arm: 95-degrees
Range of Pivot Arm: 95-degrees
Power requirements: 5VDC provided by USB interface
Minimum OTA/dewshield OD: 4" (stock #19050)
Maximum OTA/dewshield OD 8.125" (stock #19052)
Alnitak Software Compatibility Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 & 8
Command Line Program: AACmd.exe