Alnitak XL-2 VESA Mounting Kits


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The VESA mounting kits for the Alnitak XL-2 Flat-Fielding lamps provide an easy way to use most any television wall mount for attaching and positioning the larger XL-2 lamps within an observatory setting.

The VESA kit consists of a pair of brackets with pre-threaded holes and hardware to conform to the VESA Flat Display Mounting Interface (FDMI) standard. Fixed, tilting, or articulated TV wall mounts conforming to the VESA 200x200mm or 400x400mm standards can be used. The TV Wall Mount must be purchased separately. Many designs and styles are available at retail locations throughout the world.

Make sure you select the size that matches your Flat-Man XL-2

  • Brackets for 18", 24", or 30" Flat-Man XL-2
  • VESA FDMI 200 and 400 compatible