#19355 - IFW 2 FilterWheel


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The IFW 2 is Optec’s first High Speed Filter Wheel that supports serial control protocols. Offering both a USB CDC Serial Port and a hardware RS232 Serial Port the IFW 2 can act as a drop in replacement for the IFW.

With a homing time of 2 seconds and .8 seconds to switch to an adjacent filter the IFW 2 can sustain fast imaging cadences. An optional hand controller allows for local access, just like the original IFW.

Available interchangeable wheels include 5 position 55mm / 2 inch, 8 position 25 mm and 7 position 36mm.

An optional external Hand Controller is available for manual control.

  • 17356 - 5-position carousel wheel for 50mm filters
  • 17358 - 8-position carousel wheel for 25.4mm filters
  • 19356 - IFW-2 RS-232 serial communications cable with DB-9 connector.
  • 19357 - IFW-2 USB/Serial communications cable with integrated USB converter.
  • 19358 - IFW-2 Hand Controller.
  • 19355 - IFW-2 filter selector system
  • 12v Power Supply
  • USB Cable