Lepus Camera Mounting Plates


Camera Connector
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The Lepus telecompressor has a design back-focus distance of 100mm on-axis. Each of the camera mounting plates below are designed to maintain that back-focus for the best overall image quality and a reduction of 0.62X. Varying the back-focus distance will alter the magnification (reduction) but may introduce undesirable optical aberrations as well. We recommend using the Lepus telecompressor only with the recommended camera-specific mount.

Each camera mount consists of a 2.1" ID tube of various lengths and a mechanical interface such as a T-thread, C-mount, or STL thread. This ID tube fits over the camera side of the Lepus telecompressor, which features the OPTEC-2100 male circular dovetail mount. The camera mount is held securely to the Lepus dovetail using three oval point setscrews located 120 degrees apart.

Use the Lepus Mount Worksheet in the Resources section to determine the correct adapters to use.