#19411 - Lepus HD - C11 EdgeHD Edition


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Lepus 0.62X telecompressor lens designed especially for use with the Celestron EdgeHD C11 OTA. A large 3-1/4 -inch Celestron thread screws directly on to the rear cell thread of the C1100 EdgeHD telescope. 

For use with any Lepus or VLC camera mount having the OPTEC-2100 2.1-inch dovetail receiver. 

Telescope-Side Compatibility:

  • Fits Celestron 3-1/4" male thread.

Camera-Side Compatibility:

  • Lepus camera-specific mount.  See this table for supported cameras.

#19411 Lepus-HD C11 Edition diagram showing the optimal back-focus distance to image sensor.

Astronomy Technology Today review of the EdgeHD C11 and Lepus combination.  Content and link courtesy Astronomy Technology Today and Dr. Klaus Brasch - 2012