#19472 - NGC214 Corrector / Reducer for Classic C-14


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Optec's NGC214 Next Generation Corrector is a 2-inch diameter optical telecompressor and coma corrector for the classic C-14 f/11 Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes. It can also be used on any of the classic f/10 Meade or Celestron scopes with excellent results.

Designed specifically for the classic Celestron and Meade SCT's, the NGC214 provides a magnification of 0.75X when

an incredible f/7.3 effective focal ratio (EFL) on native f/10 systems. When used with an f/11 classic C-14, the NGC214 will yield an EFL of f/7.3. Results may vary slightly depending upon the imaging train configuration.

NGC 214 Telecompressor / field corrector for the classic C14 OTA. Includes 4 element corrector/reducer group mounted in 2-inch lens barrel. Camera side has STL 2.156"x24tpi male thread and includes a T-thread adapter for any 55mm back-focus camera. Custom camera-specific adapters are also available for other camera packages.

Telescope-Side Compatibility:

  • Any 2-inch focuser or receiver.

Camera-Side Compatibility:

  • STL threaded camera-specific mount.
  • Includes T-thread camera mount for any 55mm back-focus camera

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