#19472 - NGC214 Corrector / Reducer for Classic C-14


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Optec's NGC214 Next Generation Corrector is a 2-inch diameter optical telecompressor and coma corrector for the classic C-14 Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope.

Designed specifically for the classic Celestron and Meade SCT's, the NGC214 provides a magnification of 0.75X when

an incredible f/3.3 effective focal ratio (EFL) on native f/10 systems. When used with an f/11 classic C-14, the NGM will yield an EFL of f/3.7. Results may vary slightly depending upon the imaging train configuration.

NGC 214 Telecompressor / field corrector for the classic C14 OTA. Includes 4 element corrector/reducer group mounted in 2-inch lens barrel. Camera side has STL 2.156"x24tpi male thread. Camera-specific adapters are recommended for best performance.

Telescope-Side Compatibility:

  • Any 2-inch focuser or receiver.

Camera-Side Compatibility:

  • STL threaded camera-specific mount.

The optical design of the NextGEN 0.33X was performed using Zemax and optimized for four field points using wavelengths of 450, 550 and 650 nm. The goal was for the smallest blur diameters for the four field points. The system was modeled using the actual optical prescription for a SCT with the inherit aberrations of this telescope. The resulting lens curvatures of this designed were made without adjusting the radii to the optical lab's tool list. Custom tools were made for all surfaces.