#19772 - QuickSync FT30 Motor for the FeatherTouch 3-inch series


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The #19772 QuickSync FT30 motor with built-in clutch mechanism and temperature sensor allows both manual and motorized control with a simple twist of the motor housing.

Designed especially for the FeatherTouch FTF25, FTF27, and FTF30 series manual focusers, the FT30 provides motorized focus while not impeding manual focus function. Simple installation and elegant design with full compatibility to the FocusLynx Control Hub makes QuickSync the very best choice for motorizing a FeatherTouch.

This version requires the external Optec FocusLynx controller . If you would prefer the fully integrated solution consider the ThirdLynx model .

For more add on accessories including the FocusLynx Controller, Hand Controller, and WiFi see the FocusLynx Accessories .

  • FeatherTouch FTF2515, 2525, 2535 2-1/2-inch dual-speed focusers,
  • FeatherTouch FTF3015, 3025, 3035 3-inch dual-speed focusers,
  • FeatherTouch older 2.7-inch series dual-speed focusers.
  • FeatherTouch 2-inch series rack-and-pinion focusers.
  • Astro-Physics Stowaway with 2.5-inch focuser.
  • Material: 6061 aluminum, anodized black with gold knob,
  • Length: 6.3" (160mm)
  • Width: 3.2" (81.4mm)
  • Weight: 6.4 oz (180 g)
  • Tools Required: 1/16" and 7/64" hex keys (included)
  • Motor Cable: Standard Cat-5e or Cat-6 (6-ft. length included)
  • Connection to FocusLynx: Focuser 1 or Focuser 2 port- RJ45 socket

FocusLynx controllers are usable with Alpaca, ASCOM, X2, and INDI software.

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