#19966 - QuickSync SSX20


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Optec's QuickSync SSX motor is specially designed to fit the Sharpstar and rebranded 2-inch focusers for Apo Refractors.

This model is identical to the Radian focus motor and fits many small apochromats available under various brand names.

#19966 QuickSync SSX motor fits the following telescope native focusers:

  • Sharpstar 50mm f/5.5 ED Triplet - 50EDPH
  • Sharpstar 61mm f/5.9 ED Triplet - 61EDPH
  • Sharpstar 76mm f/5.5 ED Triplet - 76EDPH,
  • Sharpstar 94mm f/5.5 ED Triplet - 94EDPH,
  • Radian 61 native focuser.