TCF-Lynx Robust 2-inch Focuser



Following the long tradition of the TCF-S Temperature Compensating Focuser, Optec's TCF-Lynx features a robust 2-inch Crayford-style design for smooth focus.  The updated model is faster and offers greater versatility in the same compact, yet solid, focuser design.

#19700 - TCF-Lynx with FocusLynx

The proven FocusLynx control system is included with every TCF-Lynx and can be expanded to provide control for a second focuser.  The FocusLynx system includes optional 802.11 WiFi and Hand Control accessories.

As a robust Crayford style 2-inch focuser, the TCF-Lynx drawtube accepts any of our 2-inch adapters developed especially for the TCF-S and TCF-Lynx focusers.  The optional 1-1/4" Centering Adapter allows any 1-1/4-inch diagonal or eyepiece to be added behind the focuser.  Visual users will appreciate the FocusLynx Hand Controller with fine-focus rotary knob for no-touch operation of the telescope focus.  A special discounted price for the FocusLynx Hand Controller is available at purchase. 

Overall Height: 3.3" (84mm) to 3.9" (99mm)
Focuser Travel: 0.6" (15.2mm)
Focuser Midpoint 3.6" (91.4mm)
Total Step Travel:   7,000 steps
Step Resolution:  2.2 microns
Weight:  2lb. 4oz. (1.0 kg)
Payload Capacity: 10-lbs. (4.5 kg)
Telescope-side Mount: OPTEC-2400 dovetail
Camera-Side Mount: 2-inch drawtube
Control System: FocusLynx Controller (included)

Functional Specifications:

  • Stepper Motor Control:    bipolar and unipolar stepper motors,
  • Resolution:    16-bit controller with 65,535 step range per focuser,
  • PC Connectivity:    USB/Serial, Ethernet, or optional 802.11 WiFi,
  • Hand Control:    Optional 2-button with Digital Read-Out,
  • WiFi Connection:    Optional 802.11b/g compatible,
  • Second Stepper:    Optional plug-in daughter board,
  • Input Power:    12VDC univeral power supply (110 to 230VAC input),
  • Alternative Power:    Field battery voltage (13.8VDC) with optional automotive cigarette lighter plug,
  • Software Drivers:    ASCOM local server, X2 native drivers for TheSky X
FocusLynx Port Connections:
  • Focuser 1:    RJ45 socket for standard Cat-5e/Cat-6 to focuser,
  • Focuser 2:    Optional second stepper board for RJ45 socket,
  • Power:    12VDC input, 2.5 x 5.5mm plug, center pin positive,
  • Network:    Standard RJ45 Ethernet socket,
  • Hand Controller:    RJ22 socket for standard telephone handset cord,
  • Serial:    RJ12 socket for Optec USB/Serial cable (included).
  • TCF-Lynx 2-inch Crayford-style Digital Focuser,
  • FocusLynx Control Hub,
  • Optec USB/Serial communications cable, 6-ft. length,
  • CAT-5e/CAT-6 Ethernet cable, 6-ft. length (x2),
  • 12VDC 1.25A power supply - 110-240VAC input,
  • UL/CSA compliant wall plug cord,
  • 5/32" ball driver hex tool.