#19781 - DirectSync AT25 motor for Apochromatic refractors


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DirectSync AT25 motor for Apochromatic refractors with dual-speed focusers. Fits 2020 year models for Astro-Tech, Teleskop Service, and William Optics refractors. REQUIRES FOCUSLYNX HUB FOR CONTROL.

  • Astro-Tech AT80EDT, AT115EDT, AT130EDT f/6 ED Triplet Refractors,
  • Astro-Tech AT80ED f/7 ED Refractor,
  • Lunt Solar Systems LS60MT, LS80MT, LS100MT and LS130MT telescopes,
  • Meade Series 6000 80mm, 115mm, 130mm ED Triplet APO
  • Teleskop Service TS-Optics Photoline 130mm f/7 Triplet APO,
  • William Optics Gran Turismo 71 APO Refractor.

NOTE: several import focusers changed in late 2019 so we designed the new AT25 motor providing a better fit. If you have an older model (pre-fall 2019), the DirectSync APX25 may be a more suitable motor. See photos above and on the linked page to compare your focuser pinion block. Or send us a photo of your telescope focuser for our best recommendation. Optec Support

FocusLynx focusers are compatible with all ASCOM, X2, and INDI software.

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